I’m Daniel Fosco, a designer based in Rio de Janeiro.

Yes, this one's me


I design to solve problems for people.

I work closely with small clients and startups to design websites and mobile apps that meet the goals of their customers and move their business forward.

My expertise is in UX Design, Prototyping & Front-end Development.

I’m available for new projects starting the first quarter of 2015. Get in touch.

Recent projects


I post a bunch of links on danielfos.co/links. I also write (occasionally) here.


My background is in Book Publishing, but I gradually transitioned into Design.

After working in a digital publishing startup for a few years, I decided to fully shift to Digital Product Design — to be involved with and own the design process from start to end.

For this, General Assembly’s 10-week UX Design program I took in 2014 was instrumental to complement my UX skillset — as well as build relationships with other kickass designers.

Download my CV.

Say hi

Drop me a line at danielfosco@gmail.com or @notdanielfosco.

You can also find me on Github and LinkedIn.