I acted in a team of three UX Designers in this mobile app prototype project, developed for the Swerve Fitness Studio as my final project in General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive Program.

Swerve is a indoor cycling studio in Manhattan with a unique approach: their indoor bikes come equipped with a performance tracker that groups students into three teams that compete amongst each other every class.

Our focus with this prototype was to allow Swerve users to:

For this, we performed an industry-wide research that included interviews with fitness users and specialists, in-depth surveys, detailed analysis of the competition’s offerings and lots of spinning classes.

This research was instrumental in guiding our iterative process of sketching, testing and prototyping — and resulted in a final product that addressed user needs and respected the existing systems at Swerve.

The final result of our work is the interactive prototype you can see below. The client also received a 16-page research report to be used as a boilerplate for future projects.

Finally, I can’t help but mention that this project would never have been successful without the talented Ashton O’Connor and Alfredo Achecar on the team.

Much of the project’s quality is due either to Ashton’s obsessive UI Design skills and Alfredo’s tireless leadership and research. The late nights and crazy hours were a pleasure with these two around.